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I am a professor of chemistry at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, where my research areas are electrochemistry and surface science. I have been a user of Maple since about 1990.

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@Carl Love That's a nice result. When I get that message, I assume that dsolve has already tried to use solve. So I'm surprised it can be done by hand; I'll try harder with future cases.

The square roots are giving you the problem. You might have better luck formulating the problem in polar coordinates (see SetCoordinates).

I don't get the warning in Maple 2017. Adding the allsolutions option still gives only the two solutions you got, suggesting there are no others.

@baharm31 Sorry, I don't understand what you want. You need to give a simpler example that illustrates what you want.

@tomleslie OP used combine, which converts cos(x)^7 to a sum of cos(n*x) and sin(n*x) type terms, i.e. a fourier series, so there will be no powers like cos(x)^7.


Round:=(x,digs::nonnegint)-> evalf(round(x*10^digs)/10^digs);

@Kitonum or last line could be add(Dists)/20;

@lcz I haven't used Maplets, but an option like foreground=red can change some things, e.g. in a TextField or Button, though I don't see how to do it for GridLayout.

@Carl Love This leaves "1" as nonlinear, which is not what the OP wanted.

@Carl Love OP's code looks at nops, so would have 3*x nonlinear. But perhaps the ground rule excluded that: "can be any combination of the given variables, that is, x, y, and z", which made me wonder if "y*y" would count.

@Stretto The rectangle and cursor mechanism in a code edit region works in the same way as for 1-D. I'm not aware of cases that don't work.

@Anthrazit Do(%MathContainer0 = evalf[3](a)); will give you 3 sig fig (not decimal digits, which is harder to arrange)

You can of course use a math container as a label by making it not editable.

@Christopher2222 Yes, the help says only grayscale tiff output is possible if it isn't coloured.

@Carl Love Thanks for catching that. I do know the rule, but was careless when I looked at the mass of Maple output - thinking I had a list of lists. I still find it confusing - when I look at the complicated mess that is evals before setting phi=Pi, which as you say is a Vector, it displays as a list of lists, with each of the entries having square brackets around it.

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