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I am a professor of chemistry at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, where my research areas are electrochemistry and surface science. I have been a user of Maple since about 1990.

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@ianmccr posted here about making help for a package using makehelp. Here I show how to do this with the HelpTools package.

The attached worksheet shows how to create the help database for the Orbitals package available at the Applications Center or in the Maple Cloud. The help pages were created as worksheets - start using an existing help page as a model - use View/Open Page As Worksheet and then save from there. The topics and other information are entered by adding Attributes under File/Document Properties - for example for the realY help page these are:

Active=false means a regular help page; Active=true means an example worksheet.

There may be several aliases, for example the cartesion help page also describes the fullcartesian command and so Alias is: Orbitals[fullcartesian],cartesian,fullcartesian and Keyword is: Orbitals,cartesian,fullcartesian

Once a worksheet is created for each help page they are assembled into the help database with the attached file. More information is in the attached file


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