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I've observed different behaviour in Maple 16 when invoking the plot() command with the coords=polar option.


Here's what Maple 15 produces:






...and here is what I get in Maple 16:

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience.

I assign Maple projects to my students in table format.  They do their work in the first column and I write my comments in the second column.

I noticed that while I grade a worksheet (Maple 14 on a Windows 7 laptop), Maple becomes very sluggish.  I started monitoring  Maple's memory usage while editing.  When I open the file, the memory footprint is roughly 60,000K....

When I plot csc(k*x) for various values of k, the timing varies considerably depending on the value of k.

Here are the timings for k = 1..5 (note the strange case of k = 3):

  seq(time(plot(csc(k*x), x = 0 .. 2*Pi, -3 .. 3, discont = true)), k = 1 .. 5);
               0.031, 0.031, 14.133, 0.046, 0.062

For k = 6, the time is apalling:

Is it possible to get/set the view option of a plot component using the DocumentTools package? I'm trying to plot a function containing a parameter whose value is controlled by a slider component. When I adjust the view using rightclick->manipulator->scale and then move the slider, the graph reverts back to the hard-coded scale in the original plot command. I'd like to set a default scale, then allow a user to set the scale using the scale manipulator and have that new scale persist through the next slider manipulation.
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