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Is it possible to convert E1(x) to Ei(x) explicitly?

In particular I have this expression which is real, but imaginary numbers appear due to the definition of Ei1 for negative arguments.

(-exp(j*z)*Ei(1, j*z)+I*Pi*exp(-j*z)+exp(-j*z)*Ei(1, -j*z))/(2*j)




Thank you

Does anybody mind clarifying what the three argument signum means?

I have the expression


in which z>0, R>0. I guess I know what signum means, however in this case according to the help it is considering signum of 0 and then in the help it is talking about some environment variable. I just dont quite understand...

Does it mean Maple has issues to clarify the sign of R-sqrt(R^2+z^2) ??


How do I convert a complex number to abs and arg presentation.

For example:

z=1+1*I would be z=sqrt(2)*exp(I*Pi/4)

or when doing a calculation how can I tell him to always present these number in that form and do not expand out.


Why does


not work?


seems to work, but does it give the correct result?

I actually thought there was a pole at -1.


PS: or is the cut between -1 and 1 with both logarithmic singularities?

I'm still wondering about the behaviour of MultiSeries

When I have an Operator like


typically maple evaluates/expands it by product rule.

How can I tell him to not do it?

I tried using the inert operator % but probably i didn't do it right.

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