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These are questions asked by digerdiga


I have the following problem:

My function is defined by the determinant of 2 Heun functions

If I plot the phase I get something which looks quite what I'm looking for.

To get a better result I thought I would manually carry out the Wronskian as far as possible...

Doing some manipulations I get another form of the Wronskian which in fact should give the same result...

the problem is it doesnt :-(

I've added the spreadsheet....

I have constructed 2 procedures:

f(n) and h(n) which i build inside a double sum but when trying to calculate it says to many levels of recursion.

but when doing a simple example it works.

so the question is basically: why cant one put functions defined by proc within a sum??

I have added a .mw file showing the problem. I wish to calculate the integral at the bottom of the post. unfortunately the function im using defined at he beginning of the file doesnt behave well for values k larger than 25/30...

The integral I need to evaluate therefore cant be evaluated if one wants to integrate from 0 to Infinity.

Also just integrating till 20 or so is not accurate enough...

Has anybody an idea about better implementation of the problem....

I dont know what to do any further...

I have some function containing HeunG as a function

it is of the following form

f(k)=argument(functions containing HeunG) - ln(2)*k

now plotting this works...

But when differentiating with respect to k and then plotting it gives me the following message:

Warning, expecting only range variable k in expression (I*((1/2)^(1/2*I*k))^2*HeunG(3,-9/2+3/4*I*k-3/4*k^2,-1+1/2*I*k,-1/2+1/2*I*k,1/2,1+I*k,1/2...

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