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These are questions asked by djc


I have installed Maple 2020 and I tried some examples of the new capabilities of command is:

is(0 <= (a - b)^2 + (c - d)^2) assuming real;

It gives FAIL instead of true,

Similarly the simpler example

is(x = 0) assuming (0 < abs(x));

also gives FAIL incorrectly.

Perhaps, does this problem relate to a problem with calling SMTLIB package?

Best Regards,


I have no idea what happens here:



s=05189CFC, invalid INTPOS

Error, (in Typeset:-Tdisplay[true]) object at address is invalid
                     Typesetting:-mi("` `")
Error, unexpected result from Typesetting

I have Maple 15.


I have an expression y, it comes from a calculation. I would like to simplify the argument of arctan in the expression using Maple. (This can be a part of a complicated expression, so I 'd like to automatize this procedure).

Assumptions: s0>0, w>0

y:=cos(w*t-arctan(2*s0^3*w, -s0^2*(-s0^2+w^2)));

Thank you for your help in advance.





I  would like to perform inverse Fourier transformation, but I get an error message::


Error, (in gcd/gcdchrem1) input polynomials have too large a degree

I have Maple 13.

Thanks four your help in advance.



I 'd like to use j as imaginary unit, and I want to display it in the title of a plot using typeset, but it doesn't work (in the expression F):

restart ;interface(imaginaryunit=j);sqrt(-1);

Thanks for help in advance.


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