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I've had this happen to me a few times now: I'd hit Reply to a particular post, then click inside the Subject box to enter something, and instead I'd find myself staring at a new tab loading Facebook.  It's not always Facebook - earlier it was some place I'd never heard of, like Deeb or Geed or some such.  I'm on a Mac Pro running OS X.4.11 and using Firefox 3.08.  Anyone else run into this sort of thing?

- Dushan Mitrovich

I've been using Maple 12 on a Mac for a few months and came up with some suggestions:

(1) make it possible to add one's own symbol combinations to the Favorites palette

(2) allow symbols in the Favorites palette to be re-arranged

(3) permit redefining key-bindings so the Home/End keys send the cursor to the beginning/end of the current line, as on the PC (and in this posting box), etc.

(4) have keyboard equivalents for basic actions, e.g. Esc for the Cancel button, Cmd-[ or equiv. for the PreviousPage button, etc.

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