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Hi, I want to define A matrix (shown below) that has some definite products. These products have two arguments e.g. (k=1..N) and (k<>i) but product expects only one argument. What should I do?

I appreciate any help you can provide.


Hi, I want to convert differential operator (D) to diff in below file, but "convert" doesn't work properly. I think beacuse both "D" and "diff" exist in the answer or mabey there is an other reason. what should I do?

I attached file here.1.mw

thanks in advance.

Hello, when I write a large document block in maple and want to do some operations, maple shows wait cursor (hourglass) for 2-3 minutes again and again. I attached a sample file below. 

I found out when maple is installed , javaw.exe also instal and when I open bellow file, the javaw use 15% of cpu and this cause maple works slowly. 

the attached file is just an example for large document block and I undrestand that it can be simplified. I want to know how to handle large expressions generally?



Hi, I try to solve the below integral. when I press enter key maple dosen't show answer and show the integral again.

int(r*r[bc]*r[tc], r = r[bc] .. r[tc]);

but when I write intgral this way and use " i " as subscript ,maple solve it.

int(r[i]*r[bc]*r[tc], r[i] = r[bc] .. r[tc]);

I just want to know why?

what is difference between first and second integral?

and also is there any way (or any packages) to solve these integrals?

(I read https://www.maplesoft.com/applications/view.aspx?SID=6846&view=html article befor)


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