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Suppose we have a differential equation that it's order is 2. For example

diff(x(t), t, t)+(1000*(x(t)^2-1))*(diff(x(t), t))+x(t) = 0,

and we want to solve it numerically. When we use some initial values and dsolve it, the maple solves it very quickly. We can plot each new equations of x(t) without any problem respect of "t" or else.

But when we want to show the variation of "diff(x(t), t, t)" respect of "t" (when our derivation order is equal or upper than our differential equation order) our answer is 0 however dx(t)/dt is not 0 or constant!

What's happen here?

I tested it with all kind of methods as "rkf45","rosenbrock","lsode" etc.  but non of them showed me a correct answer.

How can I solve it correctly?
Please help me!


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