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I used the code in MAPLE 8 with the "evalf" function although it wasn't needed for comparison and it took...wait for it... 4.3s

Thanks for all your help guys!!!!

It worked with the "evalf" function and it took 610s with Maple 11.  I will also try it with Maple 10 and Maple 7 and let you know how that goes.  I am intrigued about Maple 8 being faster but I like the ease of writing documents and keeping track of parenthesis in Maple 10. 

Thanks for looking at the problem.  There are 3 variables T,e and t but I am integrating out t, so there are only two.  A friend has Maple 10 and that works fine so I don't know where the problem is.  The weird thing that at some point it worked. 

I'll keep working at it

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