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How do I make a 3D plot of a volume that is created when a planar surface is extruded in a direction that is peripendicular to the surface? 

For example, a plot of the volume that results when the region between x^2 and the x-axis from x=0 to x=2 is swept vertically in the z direction 5 units. 



I have recently upgraded to Maple 11 and I have been having a recurrent problem when I run documents with embedded plots that use "fieldplot". These documents functioned perfect using Maple 10. My problem is that I get the error "Invalid Plot Structure" when I run from a button the code restart: with(plots): plotxy:=fieldplot([x,y],x=-2..2,y=-2..2): SetProperty('Plot0', 'value', plotxy): end use; for the first time after the document is first opened. If the code is run again (after acknowledging the error, and without closing out the document), the field plot will be displayed as it should.
I am trying to read from a embedded MathContainer a simple expression. I am using the expression func:=parse(GetProperty('MathContainer0', value)); When I execute the above code I get the error, "incorrect syntax in parse: missing operator or ';' (12)". I have read over the help pages on MathContainer, GetProperty, and parse to no help. The syntax looks fine to me. The parse help page did indicate that MathML may be reponsible, but the MathML help page was no help. What is the syntax error that is occuring? The expression works fine if I use func:=parse(GetProperty('TextArea0', value));
How can the number of digits found in computed values of exponents be controlled? Here is my problem: I am appling a power fit to statistical data using the following command power:=PowerFit(X,Y,x); and I get the following output: 4.686027976 x^(0.413637849985206863) I would like to have these coefficients truncated to say 3 digits so that the expression is manageable when I insert the expression into a plot title. I have tried: power:=evalf[3](PowerFit(X,Y,x)); which produces 4.69 x^(0.413637849985206863)
How is a legend displayed using scatterplot? For example the command plot:=scatterplot(X,Y,legend="DATA"); will not work. It produces: Error, unexpected object: >LEGEND("DATA")
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