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These are questions asked by fretty

I need someone with a keen eye for errors. I am trying to use the Weyl character formula for Sp(4,C) on certain matrices coming from 2x2 quaternion matrices. Summing these traces in my case should give an integer output (since they are supposed to represent dimensions of spaces of modular forms)...however I am not getting integers.

In particular I have a quaternion algebra (which for now is just Hamiltons quaternions) and a maximal order. The units of this maximal order (which form the list A...

Hi all. I am trying to use the Weyl character formula to evaluate some traces of Hecke operators on algebraic modular forms. This involves me having to substitute certain eigenvalues of 4x4 matrices into a polynomial of arbitrary degree (my choice).

I have created procedures that do this given the eigenvalues. Unfortunately I am having problems generating the eigenvalues.

The problem is that the matrices I am using are formed from products of matrices from two...

I am trying to break a cipher and as part of the program I need to access this site:


where the number at the end can essentially be any number that I choose. I have to get maple to, given a number, access the corresponding site and get the single bit (0 or 1) waiting there.

Hi, I am running Maple 12 and this might be a simple question but I couldnt find any guidence in the help section.

Basically I am trying to write a program to attack the ORYX cipher. Part of this needs access to what is essentially a permutation of the numbers 0-255.

How might I go about defining this permutation so that later I may get it to act on any such number?

All I can find in the help section is a command to find the orbit of a specific...

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