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RC-Circuit:         (dv_c)/dt=((V(t)-v_c ))/RC 


Assume thatV(t)=2 cos⁡(3t),R=4 ,C=0.5 . Use Euler’s method with a step size ofΔt=0.1to approximate the solution of IVP with initial conditionv_c (0)=2over the interval0≤t≤10 .

I can't find anything online on how to use Maple to solve this question, I have attempted it but want to make sure I did it correctly. 


Use Maple to plot the approximate solution, the slope field, and (if possible) the exact solution on the same axes. Also compute the error between the approximate solution obtained from Euler’s Method and the exact solution at the right end-point of the given interval.

 1.      dy/dt=(3-y)(y+1)   ,   y(0)=4 ,        0≤t≤5 ,        Δt=1.0



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