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yes you are right sorry


Dear tom

First i would like to thank you for your valuable time and you reply.As you correctly mentioned i made a mistake declaring the V which is the velocity instead of the dy/dt which is the derivative of the V.But i think you misunderstand my question.''do i need to declare a step parameter like (D(y))(t) = u or is a command that can be applied automatically?''THAT SHOWS THAT YOU DIDNT EVEN CHECK THE QUESTION.As regards my understanding to the numerical methods that i will no discuss it with you.Finally regarding your 3rd part of you reply IN WHAT PLANET did i asked you to fix it or even reply to my post ?Nevertheless thank you for your time and your response.

Kind regards 


@Carl Love @tomleslie

Hello.Sorry for not uploading the code in a usable form.As regards the REv(-1) it also confuses me cause from a  simple substitution for r=1 to (5) the term REv(-1) appears and i havent understand the meaning.I hope now the prosedure will be more clear to you

@Carl Love @Mac Dude

Thanks for the response.

It is true that i am trying to do least squares non linear fit for b.The substitution of the elements of the list to the equation can be done by using what command because the command subs(x⇒1,V⇒ 1,E)doesnt seem to be working


@Markiyan Hirnyk 


thanks for help but this doent work for me.i think is a matter of software or something like that.

have a good day


@Axel Vogt 

Thanks for the reply.But because i want the exact solution with direct solve can you please tell me what happens with the direct solve package.

@Markiyan Hirnyk 

i downloaded the DirectSearch optimization package, version 2and now throws me this error

Error, invalid input: DirectSearch:-SolveEquations uses a 1st argument, OBJ0 (of type {`=`, algebraic, procedure, array({`=`, algebraic, procedure}), list({`=`, algebraic, procedure}), rtable({`=`, algebraic, procedure})}), which is missing Hirnyk 


I tried the same proceedure as you did exactly and shows me an error:

Error, DirectSearch does not evaluate to a module.

I have you think its a problem of the version?

@Markiyan Hirnyk 


Thanks for the response.the results are the same with live math.thanks for helping


Book2.xlsx@Mac Dude 

Here  is the data file of excel.

confequ.mwI  have inserted the data in Import matrix form but still i can not make the substitution as the equation can not recognize the data from the matrix.Plesae check the attached document Love 

Thanks for the reply.Please check the attached material and i there i explain the proceedure. Love

Thank you for the response but the solution of the equation is not the expected as the result should be l=111.1513.As regards the primitive form :

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