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Thank you for the effective replies.
I have not solved the problem of why I can only view part of the text box when editing a message. Since it was suggested that the browser could be the reason, I would be grateful if another Internet Explorer user can confirm whether this is common.
I am using Internet Explorer on both computers. One is a three year old Dell, but the other is a brand new 17" HP pavilion notebook. Given that Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser, I cannot understand how this could possibly be the source of the problem. While waiting for more input, I will see if changing any of my screen settings helps matters.
Thank you for the reply. I found it, and while I can be faulted for not looking adequately, I must still make an observation. The manual does not indicate one has to open a properties tab, and having range in boldface implies there is an actual menu tab called range, when there is not. In fact, I saw this properties tab earlier, but did not realize it was what I was looking for. A casual perusal indicates the word properties does not appear in the chapter on plots. I am a novice at mathematics and math programs (having only gently used Mathcad 7 prior), but if a simple misrepresentation in manual/program syntax is to be found at such an early stage, one wonders how many other similar and perhaps more vexing incongruities are yet to be found. Still, I am grateful for the assistance of others while learning this program.
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