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I didn't think of that.  Thanks for your help.  I think it should be easier.  Maybe in a later edition it will be easier. 


It works now

thanks again for saving the day, Alec.


Starting with a simple version of what I had







I have tried eval, evalf, etc.


All right,

I am out of here.  Thanks for all your help.  Enjoy your weekend.


I am running Maple 10.  Are you running Maple 12 on your Vista machine?


Hi Alec,

I am logged in on my XP desktop and Maple is running properly, although the copy/paste function isn't working properly.  After 3 minutes and 42 seconds, it finally pasted garbage.  At least I know two things, 1 - I was using the int() command properly but Maple and Vista are not friends, 2- copy & paste isn't working.



 This copy problem is frustrating.  I can copy & paste into word and it shows fine there, but when I try the Word paste icon above all it gives is the command lines not the results. 
> u := sin(theta)*[(1/2*(s^2-z^2)+h*z-(h*s))];
> int(u,z);
Is it possible that this Vista machine and Maple are not friends?  I am going to go run the same command on my desktop pc with XP and see if it works. 



Clearly, explorer on this laptop has major issues with my copy/paste.  I opened Maple Classic and attempted the same command and still did not get the same answer you got.  I can type in u, then I typed int(u,z), and the return was the integral symbol and the original u, dz.



Thanks for your quick reply.  I don't understand why it doesn't work for me.

for some reason, I can't paste the command line or result from this laptop.  I typed it EXACTLY as you did but got back the integration symbol with the original equation.


You guys were very helpful.


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