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These are questions asked by groshong

Hello, just a couple plotting related questions.

1.  I have a plot with 3 curves on it and the legend appears with curve 1,2, and 3 vertically stacked instead of horizontally side by side.  This shrinks my image incredibly.   How can I change this? 


I have read the previous questions/answers regarding exporting a matrix to excel.  It is not working.

I am running Maple 10 Standard, XP, and Excel 2003.  I have Maple as an Add-In on Excel.

When I select my Matrix, right click, my options for export are:  MatLab, Tab Delimited, Matrix Market.  I chose Tab Delimited, but I get the same response from any choice, and an error box appears saying, "Error Fetching RTable ID".  Any suggestions?



I need some help to figure out how to get maple to use distributive property and rules of exponents.



I would like to get the answer back in the form




Using Maple, I integrated and expression and got ln(e) in the answer.  How can I eliminate this?



I am having trouble with posing an integration for the following function, wrt z.

u:= sin (theta)  * ((s^2 + z^2)/2 +h*z)

I want to be able to change the values of h, s, and theta.

I would like to integrate u, wrt z, from s to h.

I have tried the basics, such as....

int(u, z)   and

int(u, z=s..h)

I get the integrand symbol and a general setup but I am not posing it clearly enough to get Maple to perform the integration.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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