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Hi! I have a problem and I don't know what is wrong. I have a piecewise defined function s(y) (see code at the bottom) and I want to integrate it from y=-Pi..2.338412729. I did this integration int(s,y=-evalf(Pi)..2.338412729); but it took so much time so I canceled it after half an hour! But if I enter the integral in the following way int(s,y=-evalf(Pi)..2); int(s,y=2..2.338412729); it takes Maple less than five seconds to evaluate those expressions. The problem is this whole integration process is integrated in a proc for optimization. So, I need to evaluate the expression
Hi, I am a Maple newbie. My problem is I have implicit function in two dimensions and want to calculate the surface area of it. It is not possible to calculate the explicit representation of that function. Does anyone has a suggestion?? Thank you, Flo
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