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Another way is to create a region of code and insert into it: with (Packages);

On the Format menu go to autoexecute / set and

go to Edit menu Exetute / repeat / autoexecute.

The interesting thing would be to avoid the message:


 your Package



Download Autoexecute.mw

I found that Maple has the following:
1. U, S, V: = MTM [svd] (A)
2. LinearAlgebra "LeastSquares (A, b, method = SVD)
3. u, s, v: = LinearAlgebra "SingularValues (evalf (A), output = ['U', 'S', 'Vt']);
4. S, U, V: = LinearAlgebra "SmithForm (A, output = ['S', 'U', 'V'])
Any substantial difference between them?
What is the most recommended?
How we make maple drive yourself this:
> U.dS.Vt;
Error, (in LinearAlgebra "MatrixMatrixMultiply) first matrix column dimension (3) <> second matrix row dimension (6)
dS: = LinearAlgebra "DiagonalMatrix (S)
[18.7790195322481088 0 0 0 0 0]
[0 7.79837340298600078 0 0 0 0]
[0 0 5.70384060743677868 0 0 0]
[0 0 0 0 0 0]
[0 0 0 0 0 0]
[0 0 0 0 0 0]
I've solved this way:
% [1 ..,.. 3]. Vt
Noting that
U. S. Vt = A


I had read that we could avoid X = (ATA)-1AT x B, performing the SVD
X = V x S-1 x AT x B, but does not seem as simple as reading appreciated.
I get the following error:
 u, s, v := SingularValues(evalf(A), output = [U, S, Vt]);
Error, cannot split rhs for multiple assignment
u, s, v := SingularValues(evalf(A), output = [U, S, Vt], 'thin');
Error, cannot split rhs for multiple assignment
Thanks colleagues for your ride, all as desired.

Hi colleagues, I need the correct sequence of steps

to achieve to enable the components.

I've done what you have proposed and I get the following error;


When I open the worksheet shows the following dialogue:


After this, if I click on some of the dials, I get the following message:



Only when I run the worksheet is that the components are activated,

but then resumed the variables (beta1) and have not received from the component values:




Thanks, I really could not find how to 
activate the Auto executable.

Switch sol in the last statement by Sol and everything will be fine.
plots[odeplot](Sol, [[t, E(t)], [t, S(t)], [t, ES(t)], [t, P(t)]], 
t = 0 .. 30, colour = [red, blue, green, black],
 legend = [enzyme, substrate, complex, product])
I'm Still the same problems. And the results are the same as already described. Do I know if the *. lib and *. ind, are corrupt? Any way to know the functions that are contained in *. lib file? I will try to download again *. zip! Gracias

Hi colleagues, I have made indications targeted by you:

libname:="E:\\MapleWorksheets\\Maple Libs\\Trigonometry", libname

The result is the following:


   pieslice([0, 0], 1, 0 .. 0.01745329252, color = COLOR(RGB, 1, 0.85, 0)),

   pieslice([0, 0], 1, 0.01745329252 .. 2 Pi,

   color = COLOR(RGB, 0.8, 0.45, 0.05)),

   textplot([1.199817234, 0.02094288773, "1"])], scaling = constrained)

No commands are executed in the package. In this case:



In the zip file is a maple.lib and maple.ind. This will mean:

"Execute the Code Resource section first..."

I ran the command libname: = currentdir (), libname; no results
Any suggestions. Gracias


Robert Israel's reply is very elegant.
But I've noticed that whenever the two realizations, one obtains the same sample to the value of X, so the graph does not vary from run to run. Variable X is not a randomly generated?


X := RandomVariable(Normal(0, 1)):

f1 := proc (x) options operator, arrow; PDF(X, x) end proc:

A := Sample(X, 500):

Q := FrequencyPlot(A, thickness = 3, color = red):

Tvalues := op([1, 1], Q):

x1 := Quantile(X, 0.5e-1): CDF(X, x1): f(x1):

x2 := Quantile(X, .95): CDF(X, x2): f(x2):

g1 := [op(Select(proc (t) options operator, arrow; is(t[1] < x1) end proc, Tvalues)), [x1, f(x1)]]:

g2 := [[x2, f(x2)], op(Select(proc (t) options operator, arrow; is(x2 < t[1]) end proc, Tvalues))]:

plots:-display([plot(g1, colour = gray, filled = true), plot(g2, colour = gray, filled = true)], Q);


I get the following error:
Any ideas?

make_equations(400, 2000);

Error, (in LinearAlgebra:-VectorMatrixMultiply) invalid input: LinearAlgebra:-VectorMatrixMultiply expects its 1st argument, v, to be of type Vector[row] but received Vector(10, {(1) = 418., (2) = 426., (3) = 377., (4) = 427., (5) = 407., (6) = 374., (7) = 388., (8) = 402., (9) = 435., (10) = 437.})




Hello colleagues,
Opening the maple worksheet I receive the following message: "There were problems during the loading process.
Your worksheet may be incomplete." It is a worksheet where I have done several calculations that interests me not to lose. When I save the file with another name, recovers only the initial part of the calculations.
And the file is smaller than the original. What makes me think that in the old file, is missing information.
I performed the steps that are oriented in the Maple Help, without success. To top it had disabled the autosave option,Unable to perform file recovery. I've been reading the comments in: www.mapleprimes.com/forum/incompleteworksheetlostfile www.mapleprimes.com/forum/incompleteworksheet
Without make nothing of it. Any suggestions, or do I need to retype the whole document. Gracias

How we can change the background plot, as shown in this picture?


Thanks Doug;
In your last suggestion I maked the following change,
to add in the ranks, without taking the line item that is on the diagonal.
for i to LinearAlgebra:-RowDimension(B) do
 convert(subsop(i = NULL, convert(B[i, 1 .. -1], list)), `+`)
end do;
To achieve:
res := Matrix(LinearAlgebra:-RowDimension(A), 2);
for i to LinearAlgebra:-RowDimension(A) do
 res[i, 1] := evalb(abs(A[i, i]) >= abs(convert(subsop(i = NULL, convert(A[i, 1 .. -1], list)), `+`)));
 res[i, 2] := evalb(abs(A[i, i]) > abs(convert(subsop(i = NULL, convert(A[i, 1 .. -1], list)), `+`))) end do;
                               [false  false]
                               [            ]
                               [true   true ]
                               [            ]
                               [false  false]
Student[NumericalAnalysis][IsMatrixShape](A, 'strictlydiagonallydominant');
Student[NumericalAnalysis][IsMatrixShape](A, 'diagonallydominant');
Thank you all for your comments and ideas;
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