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This is the third time I try to load the worksheet, in mapleprimes.

any ideas for items 2 and 3 of the first comment



Thanks guys:
I do not know why everything seems so complicated. Excuse me.
There is a written guide on how to proceed?
I read the link http://www.mapleprimes.com/book/posting2dmathmapleprimes

And I made a comment using the WordPad, but I'm still not pleased with the outcome.



1. how to replace in the expression:

θ+e^(-(η s)/(l c m) t) ((c m T_0+c_1 m_1 T_1)/(c m +c_1 m_1 ))-θ

the product of c * m * l by:

c m +c_1 m_1

so that I get the following expression:

θ+e^(-(η s)/(l (c m +c_1 m_1)) t) ((c m T_0+c_1 m_1 T_1)/(c m +c_1 m_1 ))-θ

have used subs and algsubs. And I have failed. I had to do it manually.
2. I obteniedo the following outputs of the units:

Unit(W),  Unit(s), Unit(degC)

 I would like to display in format 2-D Math

3. In expressing the values of the parameters in their units and graph the function I get the following error
plot([Ca(t), Cb(t)], t = 0 .. 10, color = [red, blue], style = [point, line], useunits)

Warning, unable to evaluate the functions to numeric values in the region; see the plotting command's help page to ensure the calling sequence is correct

Some orientation

View 9494_Café 1 y 2 Units.mw on MapleNet or Download 9494_Café 1 y 2 Units.mw
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Download 9494_Café 1 y 2 Units.pdf
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Using the contextual menu, you achieve nothing. But to do it with command, you get what is sought. Why Giving Up the convenience of a click?
how to do this more elegant text to show?
As you can see using the notation 1D, achievement isolate theta [b]. But assigning values to the variable, say c [1], I get the following message:
"Error, illegal use of an object as a name"

work with literal subscript. desire to isolate theta [B]. I show in the pdf file what the steps in Malpas and their outputs. With the last option Maple returns nothing.Download 9494_Literal Subscripts 1.pdf
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How come?




I hope this help you

View 9494_Heat1D.mw on MapleNet or Download 9494_Heat1D.mw
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By running the commands:

LibraryTools:-Create("I:.\\ITS90.mla"); libname := "I:\\Maple WorkSheets's Hermes", libname;


The only information that is in the worksheet is:

module( ) local A,B,C,Q Export Wr,T90,dTdw dWdt; end module

It's like if you lost the source code.

How to keep it for future arrangements?

From the MLA can be recovered? . 

Gracias Hermes


As you say the right thing is to save as mla.

Download 9494_H_Crear lib ITS90.pdf
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Download 9494_Uso ITS90.pdf
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My problem as I hope you can see in the PDF, is that within the module two different procedures, using the same matrix values. I would find a way to avoid having to testify in each case a local array. And declare such arrays within the module in which the procedures are.


Erratum: where it says:
Deputy maple worksheet, my attempt to translate it into Maple
Upload maple worksheet, my attempt to translate it into Maple
Hello colleagues,
I found the following document and tried to move to Maple:
But I found some problems, so I need your feedback and guidance:
1  The function SN () of papers determines the standard deviation of a vector of complex numbers. The Maple does not allow it.
2  The graph can not display as seen in the paper, added zeros to the vector.
3  Why in all the graphics you see a peak at the beginning, something that does not happen in the graphics of the document?


I need your comments,
I often get a spread of about 4438 Hz, in analyzing the datos.Y got a range. What is wrong? It is the wrong approach?

View 9494_Muestra 1.mw on MapleNet or Download 9494_Muestra 1.mw
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Download 9494_Medi_01mF.xls
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