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Eliminated the function spaces &cmult_opt and get the same result. The function &cmult works well with   spaces.
When I run the worksheet  that is within a intpakX.zip of Maplesoft, with mws extension, the "A1 & cmult_opt C1" works well.
Work on  document or worksheet mode in new worksheet, it displays the following message:
"Error, Got internal error in Typesetting:-Parse:-Postprocess : "internal error: invalid object "
I show in the picture
Modified the original package as instructed by Acer, and all was well.
Thanks Acer, Kokovidis, and all that in one way or another took up the problem.


I have made your directions and I still have the same problem. Maple returns me the following message and the image as usual.
Error, (in plots:-display) can not make plot structure from object with name display




That test had already done. The results are the same. I send the image.
Could be nested in the instruction display?
Thanks David,
Followed the line of your explanation in the package intpakX1.2 with Maple 12.02, I receive the following error shown in the picture.
I hope you can help me with this problem.

Hello everybody,

I need your cooperation. Working with the Maple 12.02 and I installed the intpakX 1.2. When I make any command of this package, which has graphical output, Maple returns me the code of the graph and not graph itself. I show him a picture.

Maple 12.01 did not happen with this.


I wrote:
P1 := plot(x^2, x = -1 .. 1)
And Maple returns
How do I return to the graph directly?
Something similar happened to me in the package intpakX. I show you in the image.
Awaiting your response

Thanks, that was exactly what we wanted to achieve.

Deputy worksheet with pictures above. where you can see the marked in blue.

View 9494_Prompt.mw on MapleNet or Download 9494_Prompt.mw
View file details

Thanks for your attention.



I have marked in blue differences.

In an image editor, I deleted the parentisis square maple that comes with the group execution.

I've seen it in worksheet that have been shown in "Application Demostration" from Maplesoft Web.I would like to achieve this configuration in my worksheets. more colorful presentation and printing.


I should be studying the issue of units to achieve the proper implementation of customization system units.
What does the following error message?
Error, (in Units:-Standard:-exp) the function `Units:-Standard:-exp` cannot handle the unit K/Hz with dimension time*thermodynamic_temperature.
It is not the first time that I can think of. And I read the more help, do not draw any clear.
The following command gives the error mentioned.
convert(combine(3.1,'units'), system, mySI)
Serve this comment to congratulate the entire community of the Forum for the successes achieved in the year ending, and they multiply in 2009.
Many greetings and congratulations.



Thank you very much for the "push" and your presence at the Forum.

I took considerable time trying to resolve this.

I need to express L[vpeak] in  W m^-2 sr^-1 Hz^-1, how to achieve it?



I get the following error when using the recommended function Z here. Show You the file, to get a look. I need your help.


This is the procedure I've developed for creating the Stem_and _Plot,
I have dissatisfactions and questions:
In the stats package avoids the function stats [describe, range]-Range of a Statistical List, not something like this in STATISTICS, so I developed the procedure s(x).
Any better idea for a ".." from a list or set of data?
How to position the minus sign in front of zero?
How to avoid the zeros in front of the units, Not so in front of hundredths ..?
How can I achieve a continuous line to separate the stem of the leaf?
local n,x,s,i,j,v,Num,digits,Ls;
description "Ordered stem-and-leaf display";
Ls := Statistics:-Sort(L);
if `and`(1 < nargs, type(args[2], posint)) then digits := args[2] else digits := 1 end if; s := proc (x) n := Statistics:-Sort([10*iquo(trunc(x), 10), 10*iquo(trunc(x), 10)+9*sign(x)]);
n[1] .. n[2]
end proc
Num:=(x,k)->irem(|round(x)|,10^(k)) ;
printf("%6s %6s \\n",Stem,Leaf);
for i from lhs(s(min(Ls))) by 10 to rhs(s(max(Ls))) do
v:=Statistics:-SelectInRange(Ls, s(i),include=[left, right]): printf("%6.0f | ",iquo(i,10^(digits)));
for j from 1 to nops(v) do
printf("%0*.0f ",digits,Num(v[j],digits));
end do;
end do;
end proc:
p4 := [-23.678758, -12.45, -3.4, 4.43, 5.5, 5.678, 16.87, 24.7, 56.8];
p3 := [-.9, -.2, .5, 1, 2, 3, 11, 12.8, 25, 31, 36, 35.5, 101];
p1 := select(isprime, [`$`(1 .. 120)]);
StemLeaf(p4, 1);
StemLeaf(p3, 1);
StemLeaf(p1, 2);
I attach the file for a better analysis


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