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Can be developed in Maple, the figures mentioned in the following article: The Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra?



How to explain, in Maple, Ax as a combination of the columns of A?




Hola ev1:

I like to shorten the size of the command, through setoptions3d function. But it seems that it does not interact with ApplyLinearTransformPlot function.
How to get to label the vectors?


Using SVD to underst.mw

Hola ev1;
In the procedure PLOTSVD, I get the error
"Error, (in SVDPLOT) invalid input: linearalgebra" SingularValues Expects output value for keyword parameter to Be of type {list (identical (U, S, Vt, list)), identical (U, S, Vt, list)}


one short question:

 How to apply random permutations of data within an matrix.

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