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These are questions asked by herclau

I need your help:

1- How to improve the implementation of the functions or procedures.? As displayed, is the result of the Matlab function "FromMFile"

2- how to plot the  standard basis vectors in which the cylinder is initially represented.

Hi colleagues:
Can someone translate this function Matlab, a Procedure of maple.
I dont really know Matlab syntax.  syntax.svd_visualize.zip . It was taken from


I need your help
How to make maple returned the following results:

R1^2/r0^2-2*R1/r0+1  factor  to (-R1/r0+1)^2


Dear Colleagues
As you can see from the worksheet with the command solve achieving results. I would like to enter initial values for b, a and R0. When trying to use fsolve for this purpose
I get the following result:
Error, (in fsolve/setrange) R0 = 10 is an invalid range

How to achieve convergence using fsolve?
any help?

How I can, with the help of maple, perform the following demonstration using rsolve?

From Equation : Y(t)=1 +A t + B t2 + D t3

recursively determine t, by equation:

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