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How to implement this in maple, can be developed graphically?

How can I find the surface area of a normal chicken egg? http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/407310/how-can-i-find-the-surface-area-of-a-normal-chicken-eggPlaying replies to the topic in Mathematics Stack Exchange:_SurfaceAreaChickenE.zipGracias to Acer and Carl Love for your answers.
Dif_Out_plot.mwWhy this difference in the results of the graphics?There are differences between the command smartplot and the command smartplot implicitplot, to display the graph of the function.Following the line of site: web
How to update this code to the Statistic Package for the graph below?for n from 1 to 15 do num:=convert(evalf(n), string): tracker[n]:=textplot([18,0.3,`Lambda is `.num],color=blue): H[n]:=ProbHist(PoissonPDF(n,x),0..25,26): N[n]:=plot(NormalPDF(n,n,x),x = 0..25):  P[n]:=display({H[n],N[n],tracker[n]}): od: display([seq(P[n], n=1..15)], insequence=true,title="Normal Approx. to the Poisson. Lambda is increasing from 1 to 15");
How to open a Maple worksheet from VBA Excel?The Shell command, just open the application of maple, but not open the specified worksheet.Gracias
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