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I have problems with the time delay the procedure for computing the Hough transform of the image that Annex. Delay 5534.875 seconds. How to improve, optimize the procedure, to be more efficient at runtime?





With the command, subpicture,I take the portion of it that interests me.
How I manage to include this sub-image in another image (img)?


imgs := GetSubImage(correctedT, 100, 125, 20, 120)

It is possible, using the image tools package, embed a text and a geometric figure in a picture?

 How to proceed?


How to implement the following procedure using the function Maple Statistics [CrossCorrelation]?  

alias(FFT = DiscreteTransforms[FourierTransform], IFFT = DiscreteTransforms[InverseFourierTransform]);

nd := Statistics:-Sample(Normal(0, 1));

 xcorr := proc (x, y)
local corrLength, c;
corrLength := op(1, x)+op(1, y)-1;
c := IFFT(`~`[`*`](FFT(Vector(corrLength, x, fill = 0), normalization = none), `~`[conjugate](FFT(Vector(corrLength, y, fill = 0...

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