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These are questions asked by herclau

How does this  function  work:

rtable_scanblock( M, [rtable_dims(M)],

    (val,ind,res) -> `if`(val > res[2],[ind,val],res),



Please could comment on each statement.

Taken from  http://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/131889-Finding-A-Max-In-A-3d-Plot#comment131997


How to play the Maple worksheet Alkylation Process Model Using DirectSearch


There is some equivalence between GlobalOptimization commands: GetLastSolution and GlovalSolve and DirectSearch commands?


From http://www.maplesoft.com/view.aspx?SF=87640/0 \ Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws
In several attempts I have downloaded the maple worksheet Simple_Harmonic_Moti.mws.
When I try to open I get the following message:

link imagen

How to proceed to execute the worksheet?

How to implement in maple, the differentiation matrix of second order ?
Is it possible to implement it with the command LinearAlgebra[BandMatrix]?

I can not get the matrix:

Lets look at an example using the following set of 8 discrete points (x,y)

(2,5),(4,15),(6,35),(8,65),(10,100),(12,145),(14,195), and (16,255).

Is it possible to display on a same graph the error of type I and type II error given n, alpha and beta?




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