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I´m making a work sheet where I use the VectorCalculus package to evaluate surface of a plane.

When I try to evaluate a regular tripple integral after loading the VectorCalculus package I get the following error:

Error, (in VectorCalculus:-int) the domain must be an equation with a list of names on the left hand side

If I use the task menu to remove the package it works just fine, however I want it all as executable syntax within my worksheet so I tried "unwith(VectorCalculus)" but the package wont be removed by using this command.

How can I go about solving this issue?



Lets say im given 2 surfaces like this:

S1: z=x^2+y^2 and S2: z=-2x

To find all the points on this surface i set z=z and obtain the equation, but lets say I was given an arbutary vectorfield and was required to find the outward flux I would need and parametric equation for the surface which is now a solid enclosed by 2 surfaces.


Of course I could apply the divergence theoreme and integrate the divergens over the entire volume using tripple integral. This I suppose this requires a bit more work compared to using the vector calculus package.


Would anyone give me an hint on ho to acheive this? Im also looking to plot the object crated by the bounderies of the divergenc theorem bounderies

Int(Int(Int(4*z, z = x^2+y^2 .. -2*x), y = -sqrt(-x^2-2*x) .. sqrt(-x^2-2*x)), x = -2 .. 0)


Can I ask maple to give me a vector parametrization of any arbituary surface? Lets say I am given some surface in the form z=(g(x,y) or f(x,y,z).

In some cases finding a vector parametrization can be tidous and hard. I have looked at the algcurves help page, it is helpful in som cases but not that much for surfaces.

Lets for the purpose of this exampl say I wanted to obtain a parametrization for the torus (C-sqrt(x^2+y^2))^2+z^2=a^2

Is maple able to help me with this process beside making the plot and start the manual visualization and work?


I am trying to set up an surface integral in maple. I have been trying with the Student[VectorCalculus] package.


I have also tried to use the task template for surface integral over a disk but somehow I mess up huge time.

I want the surface to be the wall of a cylindrical form and i want to integrate a disk that is perpendicular to the surface.


I have tried to find help online and in maple help center. If anyone would please take time to explain the syntax of the SurfaceInt command id be happy.

For example should my f be the partial of the surface as it is in the formula? How can i set it up to integrate a circle? I have read at the Student[VectorCalculus][int] help page to get the right synatax but had no luck. Do I for example have to change coors=polar?

and maybe more importantly does that command actually reflect the thing im trying to do? This is the formula for the kind of integral I want:




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