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@Mac Dude   Maple language does have a steep learning code, but given time, the interpretive capability of the language is its own teaching aid. I agree that the programming guide is excellent, but it is a little disconcerting when I encounter examples,such as the above, that don't work as expected. From an outside perspective, I find it difficult to assess Maplesoft's roadmap for the language. I have been poking through code that was written in the late 90's for Maple V, but, so far, I haven't come across any comparable  public code for applications written after the introduction of modules from which I could gleen effective coding styles. Similarly, I haven't seen a general maple programming book that post-dates MapleV.  Maple is obviously still a dynamic application, but it seems to have moved away from its original role.

@Mac Dude 

Thank you.  I was unaware of the idiosyncrasies of the 2D input parser. This resolves my issue completely. Are there any general maple programming reference books which reflect more modern versions of Maple? I have been using Maple: An Introduction and Reference based on Maple V together with the programming guide.

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