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ok i guess to get back my initial conditions i need to do:

evalf(subs(t=0, M. subs(t=0, LinearAlgebra:-MatrixInverse(M)).X0));

this wasn't obvious to me from the docs - but maybe this is standard enough that it should be clear?


thanks for looking into this.

Once you figure out what the problem is, please post here if there are any workarounds (especially if the fix somehow doesn't make it into 2018.2).



@Leo Brewin  

great - thanks for posting that. I will play with it.


@Leo Brewin  


i could look through your code, but easer to ask: did you implment a parser of maple expressions (i.e. resutls) into latex? or are you using maple's "latex()" command.

If it's the former, and if it spits out something that's more akin to what people write manually, it would be *exremely* useful to wrap your code into something easily accessible from maple so that one can get a reasonable latex version of maple's expressions.

would save many people a lot of manual typing!.. right now (IHMO anyway) maple's 'latex()' command is unusable.


@Daniel Skoog 

yup, I'm in the worskeet mode.

looking forward to 2018.2 then.





@Daniel Skoog 

thanks for your answer.

>> Since you can create a new "sub-section" by simply inserting a section inside of a section, we felt that it was redundant functionality and elected to remove it in order to simplify the interface.

But if my cursor is inside a section and I go to "insert section", I do not get a subsection where my cursour is, but instead my cursor is moved to passed this current section and a new section is created. Is that a bug then?

Currently, I found the only way to create a subsection is to hightlight some code/text (while cursor within a section) then click on a ">" - like button in the toolbar. 



At this stage I would honestly recommend to just export your data and use another tool for plotting. For anything but most basic plots, plotting/exporting is *extremely* limited in maple. For a comparison take a look what other packages can do. For example, matplolib.
With a couple of lines it should be straightforward to export your data and then plot in (say) python. The flexibility that comes with that (i.e. multi-plot figures, latex, arbitrary layouts, export formats, consistency, etc) is unparalleled.

(I don't mean it to sound very negative here - I like maple and use it all the time; just that when it comes to exporting/making "production quality", or any non-trivial for that matter, plots, it's still in the bronze age)

thanks for your answer @acer 

I see now. It seems to me like an almost unnecessary limitation of the MatrixExponential function then. At least, as you point out, it would be good to know why such a case fails, and have some sort of error message shown.



i can't imagine him deleting his posts like that!?!... maybe a mapleprimes issue??


One thing I would point out, is that MAPLE does have stochastic equation solving ability - see here:



indeed, thanks.

@Carl Love 

i reinstalled maple and it now works.  No other changes!...    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@Carl Love 

i'm running the version shown below on ubuntu 14.04. In the past i had an issue where i was actually runnign beta version with weird behavior, but i think this should be the released one. 


The long story short is that exporting publication quality, or even just "pretty" plots (especially 3d) in maple is a frustrating experience. As you observed the labels will often get cut off. One long way around this problem is to play with font/plot sizes such that the labels are not cut off - but at a cost of ending up with lots of white space around the plot axes. Then one can save/export to say png, and use external tools to crop the plot image (on linux you can use the "convert" utility with options such as "-crop 1300x1000+160+100" for example). At some stage I also had some luck exporting to eps I think and manually changing some of the text inside the file that governs the sizes of the canvas. 

For best results, however, I recommend basically exporting your data and using other tools for "production" plotting - the sooner one switches the less painful the process becomes. Python might be a good choice - you can just google "plotting with python" to get an idea of what can be done. 

Sadly Maple at this stage is basically at least a decade behind other tools when it comes to exporting plots. Some things that (IMO) might make Maple more competitive in this department would be:
- Fixing the exporting mechanism. This means that exported plots should never have their labels/titles/etc cut off. This also means that exporting should work from the command line (i.e. terminal) interface - right now that is completely broken.
- Adding more sophisticated plot size control, where one can fix the size of the plot axes, regardless of the size of the labels/title. 
- Starting to suport the ability to export grids of plots. Matplotlib is a nice example where this is done well; it is trivial to create complex plot structures (see here for example).
- Adding latex support (this is unlikely to happen but would be incredibly useful).

... but to get these things in place, one would probably need a major overhaul in the Maple plotting internals, so I realize it's unlikely to happen. 

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