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@mmcdara I read your answers carefully and try to adapt them. I totally agree with you on dividing by n-1, but all calculators are programmed to divide by n... it's a broad debate;) Thanks

@mmcdara  Thank you for your response. Maybe I was not clear enough in my question: I am trying to create a diagram for a weighted statistical series. For example, with the mean, we can use the Weights command. Thanks


@mmcdara Thank you for the idea. I was aware of constructing a Patron with Geogebra. My approach was to see if Maple could offer similar techniques. However, indeed, Geogebra is simpler for this manipulation. I will explore Maple's MathApps to see

@Kitonum Thank you for this solution. If you have any leads on my recent question, I'm all ears. Thanks


Thank you for your relevant modifications. Just one last detail: I want to display 'square km' in mathematical form. I tried Typesetting, but I don't have the color?


@mmcdara Thank you for this series of clarifications that I will delve into. To align the rectangles and play with the colors, like in this example, I imagine we need to adjust the options? Thanks 

@mmcdara Perhaps I misunderstood in my initial message. I do understand what a histogram is. My intuitive idea was to use the Histogram command in the Statistics package, but I was stuck regarding the intervals. I apologize again for this misunderstanding.


Thanks again for the idea. I was inspired by it to complete my solid. The analytical approach proves to be effective in this kind of situations



@dharr Thank you very much. The approach is very interesting

@acer  Thank you, but I've made some progress on the code. Here is my updated question. Thanks S5SolidePrismeTriang.mw


Sorry , but I'm encountering difficulties with the arcs .I think I might have integrated the coordinates of the various points incorrectly. Any suggestions?S5SolidePrismeTriang.mw


@dharr Thank you for your clarification. One last question: How do I transpose the final table? For example, 2 rows x 4 columns. Thank youS3TabProportionnAléatoire.mw


Thank you for your help. Another question: What is the syntax to generate a column with inverse proportionality?col2:= k/col1 ? Thanks  S3TabProportionnAléatoire.mw

@dharr Magnificent! That's exactly my goal. Thank you

@Carl Love I want to use only the second division symbol for this type of exercises. I don't want to display the slash .Thanks

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