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I am trying to produce two statistical tables representing a weighted series in a horizontal manner (Tab1) and in a vertical manner (Tab0). The xi and ni in Tab1 do not display well... Perhaps, there is a simpler way to do this?S5S4BoxPlotPondération.mw


I am exploring the boxplot, and I see that I do not have the option to integrate 2 lists: One for observations and one for frequencies. The BoxPlot command only accepts one list (List A in my example). Is there a way to create the BoxPlot using the 'Obs' and 'Eff' lists? Thank you for your insight


Hi, I am trying to illustrate the concept of solid areas, and I'm wondering if there's a way to easily develop them (representing each of their faces in two dimensions on the same plane) using Maple? Thank you for your help


Hi, I am looking to color the area between the square and the circle (similar to the shadebetween command) and, in general, to color the area between two geometric shapes. Any suggestions? Thank you.



I successfully animated my trigonometric problem on the wheel. Just a few details: 1) The 'gridlines' option deactivates when using the 'tickmarks' option. 2) The animation takes time to compile. Any suggestions? Thank you for your advice on optimizing this animation


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