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These are questions asked by jessica99

I am interested to perform taylor expansion


at (0,0). How we perform this in maple?

In manual solution is no problem, but i am interest to compute it with any software such maple since i am not familiar, How to find solution in term of parametric equation a(r), b(r), c(r) for r=-5..5 and also visualize this three derivative condition? d(a)=a+b+c, d(b)=a-b+c, d(c)=a-b-c


I want to run a specific color red outside and yellow inside on my equation here using MAPLE 8.00:


is there some one here can help me? is the example of color I want Eg: 

Hi Maple expert,

May I ask your time little bit, I am struggling with the 3D plot in maple, for basic 3D plot in maple is no problem for me, but this is a new case for me actually I want to perform a 3D plot based on these 3 different type of plots (or equations), here they are:

1. plot(2*(exp(-0.15*(u)^1.5))*(u)^0.5,u=0..2);

2. plot([0.2*(x-sin(x)),0.5*(1-cos(x)),x=0..10*Pi]);

3. polarplot(4+1*cos(5*x),x=0..2*Pi);

Can someone help me for this, many thanks for your help and time.

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