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Does somebody want Maple to support symmetric elliptic integrals? These are the Legendre elliptic integrals defined in terms of symmetric elliptic integrals. ELLIPTICF:=proc(x,k) x*R_F(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICE:=proc(x,k) ELLIPTICF(x,k)-k^2*x^3/3*R_D(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICPI:=proc(x,n,k) ELLIPTICF(x,k)+n*x^3/3*R_J(1-x^2,1-k^2*x^2,1,1-n*x^2) end proc: ELLIPTICK:=proc(k) R_F(0,1-k^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICEK:=proc(k) ELLIPTICK(k)-k^2/3*R_D(0,1-k^2,1) end proc: ELLIPTICPIK:=proc(n,k) ELLIPTICK(k)+n/3*R_J(0,1-k^2,1,1-n) end proc: Jim FitzSimons
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