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Does anybody knows of a method using ImageTools to correct an image for lens distortion?

I am having problems animating the trajectory of an object in 3-D. I have no problems displaying the 3-D background and the trajectory of the objects, but I can't display the background and the animation of the object's trajectory in the same 3-D plot. The plot command that I am using is:



Pobj:= animate3d(odeplot(res1,[x(t),y(t),z(t)],0..5),-20..20,-15..15,0..5,color=black,frames=50);

I have a simple expression of the type F:= -kT*ln(Q^N); that I am trying to manipulate, but after using "expand" the resulting expression is -kT.ln(Q^N) instead of -kT.N.ln(Q) Why "expand" does not work? Is there anything else I must do in order for expand to perform the expansion?
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