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Hi All,

When doing retart in a saved workbook get a no read access error link (see partial screen shot below). When the link is followed the message is there is no help for this error.

I am using Windows 10 64 bit and have full administrative prilvilages so I not sure what the problem is.

I have the same issue when I upload to the cloud.

In spite of message I can still do computations.

Any help in understanding this will be greatly appreciated.






Hi All

If we have extensive material in pdf format and we want to tranfer this information to Maple and use it it as the main editor and word proceesor on a go forward basis - Is it possible to copy a pdf document with extensive equations into Maple while maintaining the format particularly of the equations, pictures, drawings and plots? Any copying and pasting I do now garlbles up the equations, plots and pictures of the pages I import to Maple...



How does one do the indeterminate vector product with and Dyadic calculus operations with Maple 12?

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