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thank you a lot

this is part of my code. i have different number in rest of my code


thank you a lot 

@Carl Love 

thank you so much sir


thanks alot.

@nm sure. thank you. 

i forget it

@Kitonum great. thank you 

@mmcdara thank you so much


thank you soooooooooo much  thats very help me . Thanks a lot



@Joe Riel 

thank you 

@Joe Riel 

thanks for answer

first column is time second columns is acceleration As in the figure below

@Joe Riel 

data in the excel is acceleration . i want to get fourier and power spectra of this deta

@Joe Riel 

thank you very much  thats very help me . Thanks a lot


thanks for answer it help me alot

@Christian Wolinski 

wow thank you . but it's a little  difficult for me i try to know it


thank for nice answer 

my orginal diffrential equation is nunlinear so i have to solve that with numeric

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