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These are questions asked by kiyanoosh

hi,I want to solve this equation with the following boundary condition numerically by maple:

hi dears. i cant solve this question by Analytical method such variational itteration method (VIM) or homotopy perturbation method (HPM), homotopy analysis method(HAM)

hi, I am new here I want to solve these toe coupled equations with the following boundary condition numerically:

  1)  diff(f(eta),eta$3)+(1)/(2)*f(eta)*diff(f(eta),eta$2)-Pi*(2*f(eta)*(diff(f(eta),eta))*



2)   diff(theta(eta),eta,eta)+(1)/(2)*Pr*f(eta)*(diff(theta(eta),eta))=0

boundary conditions: 1)  f(0) = 0   2)  D(f)(0) = 0   3)  D(f)(infinity=10) = 1

                               1) theta(infinity=10) = 1      2) theta(0)=0

Pi=0.1    K=0.2

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