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I came across this issue on my course today, and found it somewhat surprising: restart:Digits:=7: foo:=1/2*sqrt(3): evalf(foo); 0.8660255 evalf[5](%); 0.86603 evalf[5](foo); 0.86605 I suppose this means that whatever algorithm Maple uses to compute the square root also works to the specified level of accuracy and the above is a result of accumulated rounding errors.

I came across the tutorial/manual here, which I found to be most excellent for a beginner in Maple, such as myself:


The page will also be updated with lecture notes and sample code

This blog will contain postings documenting some of my mathematical travels. In particular it will chronicle my experiences and problems in learning maple and the mathematics I am studying along the way.

Excuse me, I'm very new here, but what's the main purpose behind users blogs on mapleprimes ? I see many (perhaps most ?) blog postings that could just as easily (and perhaps more usefully, for other members, that is) be posted in forums since they are often asking for advice on various matters.....

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