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In it's recent edition of Mathematics Today (in print and online), the UK-based Institute of Mathematics and it's Applications, compared 4 symbolic solvers: Maple 15, Mathcad 15, the student edition of Matlab v5 and the Casio CFX-9970G calculator, concluding that "Maple would be the natural choice for research mathematicians, theortetical physicists, those working in any area where mathematics is demanding or for mathematics undergraduates for whom costs are lower"

I was introduced to the geometric interpretation of correlation and linear regression recently.

Orignially due to the famous statistician R.A.Fisher, the idea is that the correlation between 
two variables is the cosine of the angle between the 2 vectors in n-dimensional space.
This can be demonstrated in Maple as follows:

First, we represent each variable as a vector and transform it so that it is centred at its
mean and has a length equal...

In a reply to Markiyan Hirnyk's recent question on this topic, Alec Mihailovs posted solutions 
for n=1..7 for the mean distance between random points in an n-cube.
I also 

Why is it possible for http://www.mapleprimes.com/users/abraham to continue posting spam ? It is incredibly irritating for me, and I presume it must be for other bona fide users. Why can't the account be disabled, made inactive, or whatever is necessary to stop this ridiculous activity ?

In this post I will describe a little about the OU course MS325: Computer Algebra, Chaos and Simulations, which I took last year.

MS325 is a level 3 OU applied mathematics course, which means, roughly that it is pitched at the level of a final year mathematics undergraduate. It is split into three components: Computer Algebra, which teaches the use of Maple and Maple programming; Chaos, which teaches dynamical systems, deterministic chaos and fractals, with an emphasis...

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