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I would like to know if it is possible to make Maple do the following:

Suppose you have a function dx:=1/((x1-x3)^2+(x2-x4)^2) and we want  diff(dx,x1), is there a way to obtain: *-(2*x1-2*x3)/((x1-x3)^2+(x2-x4)^2)^2 instead of -1/(x1^2-2*x1*x3+x3^2+x2^2-2*x2*x4+x4^2)^2*(2*x1-2*x3)?

Basically how to keep the denominator in a fatorized form and not expanded?



Hi there,

I am calculating he rank of a matrix in Maple and I have a result. However, I want Maple to show me the intermediate steps that it used. I know that the rank function uses gaussian eliminations. Is it possible to make it display these steps? 

The matrix is 8*8 so I think it is taugh to use the tutor tool. 

I tried ShowSteps but it says that rank is not a valid problem.

Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

Do you know how to displya this kind of things on the screen: 

[12 Elements Column Vector

Data Type: anything

Storage: rectangular

Order: Fortran_order]


I think it is just that the vector is too big, but I want to see it. Any suggestions?


Hi everyone,

Can somebody help me to make this code faster? Or if somebody have fast computer and can execute it and give me the result.

When I execute it, I don't have the result of the last command and get the error of not enough memory allocation or something.

Here is the code:

> a1:=1:
> a2:=1:
> T:=<x1,x2,x3,x4,y1,y2,y3,y4,u1,u2,u3,u4>:

Hi everyone,


Is it possible to create a continuous time wiener process in Maple?

When we create a wiener process and then a sample path, the values of the sample path are saved in a table, so if I call W(1.5) there is no answer.

How can this be solved?



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