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Hello all,

 Is any anyone know how good is maple numeric stiff ode solver (stiff=true) ? What i mean is how many stiff ode's it can handle at a given time. I am having a hardtime solving a system of ode's (say 300 stiff ode's). Is there any other numeric stiff ode solver in maple that can handle large number of ode's?

I used islode advanced numeric solver for stiff ode's and it also has some limitations on the number of ode's and moreover it is slow.

Hi all,

 I am trying to solve a system of pde's to get an analytical solution in maple. here's the system:







Error, (in pdsolve/sys) the input system...

Hi all,

 I am trying to solve a system of equations- ode's and nonliear algebraic equations numerically. The maple dsolve actually solves this type of system but the problem is it is taking lot of time to solve. I think it is not solving the algebraic equation numerically.

i am using dsolve as: dsolve({eqs,ic},type=numeric,output=listprocedure). 

Is there any other way to specify maple dsolve to solve all equations including algebraic numerically?  

Hi all,

I want to solve the following 2 odes simultaneously:


ode1:=(1/r^2)*diff(r^2*diff(u(r),r),r) =v(t); (#boundary value problem with 2 boundaries)

ode2:= diff(v(t),t)=u(r); (#initial value problem)

with conditions


I am getting error if i use dsolve/numeric. Is there any way/method to solve these numerically using maple packages like dsolve/fsolve...



Hi all,

 I am having a very hard time with numerical stability. I am solving system of ode's (7-coupled ode's) using dsolve(stiff) and then using spline function for interpolation and finally solving system of pde's (2-coupled pde's) using pdsolve for one time step and solving all again for the next step. the solution is not stable and it requires very fine/small time step. Is there any procedure/method to improve the stability? 

 What is the stability criteria of dsolve...

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