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i have system of two equastion with two vairable (x,y) and paramater ( b1,...,b4, a,...,a4 ) as follow,




maple doesnot  give any result except o,o solution

can you help me to solve this problem ?

is there any package that able to find the solution reither than numerical method?


i have a same problem , could you please help to solve this problem?

I used maple help to solve my problem but for this one I could not.

I have equation system with 4 equations and variables are for example x y z w .

The problem is I  have  xy  x^2  x^3  yw   in my equations so maple with solve could not solve that.

On the other hand,the equation are parametric and non numeric I mean the answer...



I try to find minimum value for numbers as follow,

for i from 1 to 1000 do

x:= 1+i; 

y[i]:= 2*x+1;

a:=min(seq(y[k],k=1..1000));  print(a); od;

in this case the maple can not provide any solution

however, when i use 100 instead 1000 i obtain result as follow,

for i from 1 to 100 do x:= 1+i;  y[i]:= 2*x+1; a:=min(seq(y[i],i=1..100));  print(a); od;

could you please help me to solve this problem?


i have a maple 14 but when i plot a function i obtain large value of legend which is not suitable when i used this plot of function. i try to used the code " font = ["HELVETICA", "ROMAN", 8],this code it work.

but the code that used to change the size of legend is not work. the code is :

legendstyle = [font = ["HELVETICA", 9], location = right]);

can you please help in this problem?


i use fsolve to find appraxmaite solution. there are some parameter in my equastion wher i do loop in this pramater form 0.. 1000,000,00

i have other problem with "fsolve and digits". when Digits =12;  i cannot find  approx solution using "fsolve"

when i decrease or increase  the digit "Digits:=11 , Digits:=13",  i find the  approx solution using "fsolve".

i donot know what is wrong!!!

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