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I have a problem with the solve comment. I have two equations with two variable. I try to use solve or fsolve but there is a message appears as follow

" Warning, solution may have been lost"

Thus could please help me ho to find the solutions?


Best regards


I would like to plot three dimention using plot3d,

How to make label using plot3d. If i assume the label is [a,b,d] how to insert in plot label

could you please help me with provide Example.


Hi; every body

i have a problem with fsolve using fours equestion. i use fsolve to slove four equestions and it doesnot give any soltion even if i determent the period of solution as follow,

x1=0..3, x2=0..2, x3=0..1/2, x4=0..5.

i have increased the digit to 100 but it still does not give solution where i am sure there is solution in this interval.



Hi, every body

I have a problem for 4 month ago. This problem is the label in figure. i want to put at label any experssion such as

x*, or x_r or line above x  so on ,

please please please help me

it is a good idea if you provide maple sheet to make it easy understand how use it


In Classic, you can also first issue plotsetup(maplet) and get a Java-based plotter that supports more 2D Math. That plotter will show nicely typeset subscripts using your original example's syntax plot(y[r]^2,labels=[y[r],x[c]]) .

However, when i want to export as eps it exported it but without color.


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