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I have the following fractional  system of differential equation. How to plot it for alpha=0.5, beta=0.5?





I have the following of fractional of ode system.

.How to solve it by maple.



I want to solve the Falkner-Skan equation numbercally using maple. The Falkner-Skan equation is 

f′′′ + ff′′ + (1 − (f′)^2)=0 ,

with subject to the boundary conditions,

f(0) =0 ; f′(0) = 0,

f′(∞) = 1. 

could you  please help me to have loop to solve this problem from t=0..30.

And then save the data in DATfile in order to plot using Gnuplot?





Hi friends,

I am running an application which consumes big memory and the result was given smoothly 

but after 5 hours I running the program again but in the middle of calculation the maple give message show  I got this error:

Execution stopped: Memory allocation failed! Please see 


I have a problem with the solve comment. I have two equations with two variable. I try to use solve or fsolve but there is a message appears as follow

" Warning, solution may have been lost"

Thus could please help me ho to find the solutions?


Best regards

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