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Dear All,


I found that the _Z is a already asked question from learners like me. However, I am asking for your inputs that are related to my problem.

I have a implicit expression interms of bessel functions. While making an attempt to solve (using solve command) for a variable , which is an argument inside the bessel function I came up with some output which has _Z as follows:

Dear Users,


I would like to know how to convert the following bessel product into a polynomial form.


I have an experession as follows:

BesselI(1,p*x)*BesselK(0,p*x)+BesselI(0,p*x)*BesselK(1,p*x)    #where p is arbitrary real positive constant and x is a variable


How to get the result in maple by simplify, convert or any other functoins.


Thanks for your attention.

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