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These are questions asked by maplelearner

Dear Users,


Maple is giving the result for the following integration as


int( x/(a^2-x^2), x)  = -ln(-a^2 + r^2)/2  


However, I presume the integral output should be -ln(a^2 -  r^2) /2 


Could any one comment on this issue.


Thanks for your attention.

Dear Experts,


I am in a process of trying the roots of a sextic polynomial.


Attached is the equation type  . I tried to do some simplification. But still not able to find the solution.   I tried to use Factor also. But no progress.

I am intended to get the solutoin for lambda variable and remaining are variables are constants.

Dear Maple experts,


I have a function f  depending on three variables a,b,c i.e.   f(a,b,c).

I have to find the df/da (differentiation  with respect to a) and then solve for variable a in terms of variables b and c to make the f(a,b,c) into f(b,c). 

However, I am not able to find the symbolic relation from df/da to represent variable a interms of variables b and c because the solve(df/da, a) is...

Dear Experts,



I have an equation which needs to be simplified. However it is mostly in Bessel I and BesselK. To simply it I have used the simplify( expression,

Dear All,


I have an implicit function f(x,y) in terms of special functions. I need to optimize it.  So  I plotted it and found the location of the zero slope. However I cannot get the precise value of x and y, where the slope equals  zero.


Is there any better option to get the location of x and y, where the slope is zero?


Thanks in advance.

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