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i have some equations,and i want use them in the Hamilton's principle to drive my my equations,can i use maple to take variations?thanks for your help and attentions,

hi,i had 9 set of odes,then i used dslove(numeric) and solved my equations,but now i have a question,my answers do not go more than the time 0.14 ,what can i do?i do need my answers at least for the time 5 seconds ,

i have write my code in this way :

MMM := dsolve(AA,numeric,method = rkf45, maxfun = 500000);

but when i want to evaluate MMM(1) i face this error : 

Error, (in MMM) cannot evaluate the solution further right of .14055561, maxfun limit exceeded ...

i had a 15 set of nonlinear PDEs,i convert them to nonlinear set of ODEs, i try to solve them using the command dsolve(numeric) , but when solving i face this erroe :

Error, (in DEtools/convertsys) numeric exception: division by zero

what should i do?the problem is in my equations ? or what?

with regards,thnx. 

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