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Hi guys,

I have a formula such as f(x)=X^2

I want that the software ask value for x and then show the result of f(x)

thanks for any help.

I wanted to solve a pde system but I received this error.

Error, (in pdsolve/numeric/process_PDEs) variable(s) {m} are in the PDE system but are not dependent or independent

I wrote a loop which is too long but I need its continuity so I wrote all of them in one loop.
The problem is too much time is needed to run it,even maple cannot run it.
I do not know whether my software has a problem or the way I wrote the program is wrong.
I attached the file.


I entered this code :

> printlevel := 2:

> for i to 3 do for j to 3 do i*j end do end do;

but it does not show the result

what should I do?




I used dolve for dsystem,

but I got this error:cannot evaluate right than .....

is there anyway to overcome this problem?


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