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I received a bachelor of science in biology (minor in chemistry) from Lewis University and a bachelor of science in computer science from Purudue University.  I am now pursuing a PhD. in Mathematical Physics.  Years ago, I received a certificate in computer programming from the College of Automation in Chicago.  In addition, I received a post-bachelor certificate in information systems, with the programming option, at Purdue University.  I have completed several projects.  To name a few, I designed an assembler language computer emulator as two applications--one in C/C++ and the other in C#`.  Here, I coded both the assembler and the emulator. Next, I designed an animated mechanical man in Java3D (using quaternions).  Finally, in two of my courses, I had to design a linear programming package and a grammar analyzer package, both of which were written in C#.  I was exposed to quaternions, octonions, and sedenions at the University of Aalborg, in Denmark, a few years back.  My favorite languages are Microsoft Macro Assembler, C#, Java, Python, C/C++ with OpenGL, and the Maple programming language.  My current Cayley-Dickson package is the first of two projects for a visualization course, which is an independent study that lasted over a year.  It is now completed.

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Hi All: Thanks Ray for catching this error. I have now corrected this error. The new version of my quaternion package is located on the application center as the March 2007 version. The March 2005 version may still be up. Do not used the March 2005 version, instead used the March 2007. Once again thank you Ray. Michael Carter
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