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so [] is for accessing an item n () is for evaluating a fn by passin arguments in it....as simple as tht :)

thanks for replies.

i got the files from mapleSoft website..the author himself posted the companion CD...anyway thanks for the advice mariner !!here is the link..just if nybody need..


thank you prof...it helped me a great deal..infact im exactly expecting the same...one small question..

in eq_p2 what is that  RootOf(_Z.........)..this is the second time im askin abt this..the other day someone told its kind of variable to represent root....but why maple dont directly give out the roots?....what is the catch in using tht statement?...and actually what it mean !!!


thanks axel...im a novice user...some ques will be silly..kindly excuse me.

Thanks for the help !!

thank you professor !!

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